Why Nobody Answers Your Resume

Does this sound familiar? You fill out an application online or submit your resume to a position that seems perfect for you.  The company needs to hire someone and you feel you are right for the job.  So, why don’t you hear from them?

This is a question that people are asking every day.  In most cases, the answer can be found in The Job Application Black Hole.

To land the job you want, many executives have turned to executive search firms to assist them with the process.  This can be helpful depending on the relationship the executive recruiter or account manager has with the hiring company.  Other job seekers apply to countless positions and continue to look for a response from a company representative.

Let us shed some light on The Job Application Black Hole to help make your next application experience more effective.  It’s time to explore why nobody answers your resume.  A few areas discussed in an article by Jessica Dickler include: 

  • Resume Overload
  • The Screening Process
  • The Phantom Job Opening

Article: The Job Application Black Hole


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