Show Your Humanity

Interview Tip:

Show Your Humanity
Some candidates are overly concise on questions about hobbies, family, and spare time activities. But these questions often mean the difference between getting an offer and a rejection. You may be competing with people whose qualifications and accomplishments are very similar to your own. The interviewer and others in the organization want to know that you’ll fit. So let them get to know you as a person. Telephone interviews, preparation of written material such as the resume, networking, research, and good grooming—they’re all important. But selling yourself during the interview is the most critical part of implementing your career or job change.


About Dan

Dan is the Founder and President of Clearwater Florida based Liberty Search Associates a full service executive and management search and recruiting firm. He is a 20 year veteran of the human resource management and recruiting industry. His experience involves sourcing and hiring thousands of people while working for three global corporations. In 2002, Dan was specializing in health care recruitment while working as an executive recruiter for the world’s largest management recruiting firm. By 2003, he gained further healthcare experience while working directly for a Healthcare System as a market recruiter for a division of 15 acute care hospitals in West Central Florida. Here he had the opportunity to recruit all levels of nursing and other healthcare leaders. Dan started Liberty Search Associates in 2004 and recruits highly talented people that are motivated and self-directed. They are proven health care professionals with ability and aspirations for career growth and unique opportunities. Dan works with client hospitals and surgery centers nationwide to bring them the very best talent for key leadership positions. Dan and his wife Donna live near Clearwater, Florida. They have a son, Matthew, who is attending middle school.

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