Search Process

Defining Client Needs: We work closely with hiring managers and decision makers to understand the corporate culture, identify the client’s objectives, define requirements, and build a position performance profile.

Develop Search Plan and Initiate Search: With a defined strategy we customize a detailed search for promising candidates who are likely to match the position performance profile.  This includes networking with established contacts, interoffice referrals from recruiting alliances, and identifying a list of companies for targeted calls.

Screening and Presentation: We conduct in-depth candidate analysis to determine a short list of viable candidates that best meet the position performance profile and have a sincere interest to pursue that career opportunity. Candidates worthy of the client’s consideration will be presented.

Interview and Follow Up: We provide assistance to the client and candidate through all aspects of the interview process. We debrief and exchange professional and confidential feedback with both the client and candidate to evaluate the possibility of a match and review the next step in the process.

Selection and Offer: Once the preferred candidate has been selected by our client we work with both parties to negotiate a winning solution.  After an offer is accepted we continue to work with both parties to assure a smooth transition.