CASC Credential – One on One with the President

As a follow up to last week’s blog some of you have wanted to learn more about the highly recognized certification for ASC Administrators. 

BASC (Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification) President Norman Burnette, CPA, CASC graciously shed some light on this topic.

DJ:  What year did CASC credentialing began?

NB:  The first exam was given in the Fall of 2002 in St. Louis MO, 91 individuals sat for the first exam.

DJ:  What is the number of people that have been credentialed each year and is there a growing trend?

NB:  There is presently 517 CASC credentialed individuals in the ASC industry, the number of candidates that have taken the exam has variety each year, the exam has been offered twice a year, at the annual ASC Conference and with a sponsoring organization or event in the fall.  Recent trend has seen a decline in the number of candidates due to the economy however marketing efforts are underway by BASC to increase awareness of the value of this credential in the industry and for those individuals career in the ASC industry.                                                                     

DJ:  Would you mind sharing the percentage of people who pass the exam?

NB:  The passing rate is approximately 75-80% of those candidates that sit for the exam.

DJ:  Why is it important for people in an ASC leadership position to have CASC?

NB:  The CASC credential is the only such industry recognition awarded to individuals who have demonstrated their depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field of ambulatory surgery administration.  This credential acknowledges that ASC administrators and other industry professionals have reached a higher standard of professionalism in their career in the industry by demonstrating their commitment to the industry in addition to their comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills that the role of an administrator requires.  

DJ:  Who would benefit from taking the CASC exam? (Example: ASC Administrators, Perioperative Directors).

NB:  Those who would benefit from the CASC credential is very broad, obviously the exam was established for ASC Administrators but is also beneficial to those desiring to advance their career, knowledge and expertise in the industry, those individuals are Director of Nursing (Mgrs), Business Office Directors (Mgrs), ASC Management Company leaders, Medical Directors. Physicians, others involved in the healthcare industry.

DJ:  Where can people find a list of CASC testing opportunity locations or events?

NB: is the website established by the Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification and is the sole source of all information that any potential candidate should reference who may desire to make application to qualify to take the CASC examination.

DJ:  What are the steps that someone should follow if they want to become CASC?

NB:  The CASC exam is a representation of the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in the ambulatory surgery industry that an individual possesses and therefore is for those individuals employed or working within the industry in various capacities.  Preparation involves extensive knowledge of a variety of area within the industry.  These areas include Delivery of Patient Care, Quality Management, Human Resources, Financial and Regulatory and Legal Issues.  There are also certain eligibility requirements which must be met in order to qualify to set for the CASC exam.  Information on study resources are listed on the CASC website referenced in this information about CASC.
DJ:  Is there anything else that you would like to share with CASC candidates?

NB:  The CASC (Certified Administrator Surgery Center) credential is a distinction earned by those in the ASC industry with a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills that the role of an ASC administrator requires.  Since its inception its recognition in the ASC Industry is unparalleled as the single highest accomplishment an individual in the field of ambulatory surgery.  CASC recipients not only receive greater industry recognition among their peers but research has shown that they earn approximately 15-20% more based on their demonstration of their comprehensive knowledge and skills as demonstrated by having achieved this recognition.  

For more information about CASC or the BASC, click here.


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