We are grateful for every candidate and client that we have the opportunity to serve.  We value relationships and appreciate the trust that is developed with each of our contacts.  Here are genuine testimonials from a sample of clients and candidates we are fortunate to know.

Client Testimonials

“Liberty Search Associates is an excellent partner and provides us with qualified candidates for our open ASC Administrator positions.  Presentation packet and verification of reference questionnaire is the best I have seen from any placement firm.”
– Vice President of Ambulatory Surgery

“The quality of the candidates that are presented is wonderful.  No candidate is brought forward that does not meet the specifications of the job opening.  The ability to move quickly to secure interviews and set up appointments with facilities is also a huge plus.  I feel that my return comments relative to a candidate are heard and appreciated and applied to future applicants.  Dan has never been anything but highly professional, courteous, and timely in all of our opportunities to work together.  I frequently give his card, without reservation, to others to seek his assistance.”
– Division Vice President of Quality

“Liberty Search Associates has a firm understanding of the needs of my facility and corporation.  The Search Consultant conducted a thorough question and answer analysis to learn more about the requirements of the candidates we were seeking.  They only present the best candidates who could fit well into our organization and culture.”
– Chief Nursing Officer

“Dan is a very professional consultant. He always listens to everything the client is looking for. Careful listening is the thing that makes him so effective. He also shows genuine interest in the clients he is working with. He makes efforts to remember all sorts of little details about family members, interests, etc. He does not try to push candidates on the client or jobs on the candidate. He is very thorough and always follows up in a timely manner. He is a pleasure to work with.”
– Vice President of Ambulatory Surgery

Candidate Testimonials

“I have known Dan for several years and I have found his commitment to find the right job for me was equal to my own ambitions. He listened to my needs and only suggested opportunities that would work for me. Once the interviews began Dan was instrumental as he shared the backgrounds of those I may be interviewing with. He kept in contact and helped me achieve the location and employer that truly met my needs. I would recommend Dan and Liberty Search Associates to all.”
– Administrator, ASC

“Changing employers can be exciting and yet nerve racking. Navigating throw the process can be overwhelming and frustrating. Saying yes to your new employer is exhilarating and yet telling your old one good bye can heart breaking. Throughout it all, the one-on-one guidance that Dan provides allows the candidate to be reassured that everything will work out in a professional, ethical and human way.”
– CBO Director, ASC’s

“Dan and Liberty Search Associates provided me with career coaching, guidance and detailed follow up from the beginning, where my skills and experience were matched to the job, through the offer stage with my new employer.”
– Administrator, Ambulatory Surgery Center

“Dan was very understanding of my personal situation, skills, and experience. All communication was timely and allowed opportunity for questions. He was very supportive through the interviewing and hiring process. I would definitely recommend Dan and Liberty Search Associates to any professional seeking a position or career change. I think I may have found the perfect position thanks to Dan!”
– Director of Nursing, ASC

“Dan and Liberty Search Associates provided me with career coaching, guidance and detailed follow up from the beginning, where my skills and experience were matched to the job, through the offer stage with my new employer.”
– Administrator, Ambulatory Surgery Center

“This is the first time I agree to work with a search firm as a candidate and it was all due to Dan Jensen’s genuinely honest and dedicated manner and his incredibly professional attitude. I had always been reluctant to work with an agency as a candidate given my experience with firms as a recruiting tool during my career as human resources professional. Dan showed me a level of integrity and pride in his work I have rarely seen in today’s workforce and has redeemed the search firm industry in my eyes.”
– Vice President of Human Resources

“I was very pleased by the service I received from Liberty Search Associates. The level of communication and my recruiter’s interest in ensuring the employment relationship would be mutually beneficial was unmatched in my past experiences with recruiters. He truly desired to ensure that his client and the candidate would both find themselves happy with the decision made. The detailed communication continued even after the offer was received and accepted, to the point of ensuring that moving information and other details were completed. I was definitely impressed.”
– Administrator, ASC

“Liberty Search Associates exceeded my expectation in all aspects in helping me find the job of choice. I strongly recommend Dan Jensen and his associates for your career move. Liberty Search is not a 9-5 office, as they communicated with me early and late to exceed my expectations. Liberty Search knew time is of the essences and quickly responded to both the candidate and facility. I will recommend Liberty Search Associates to my friends and anyone looking for a career move.”
– Director, Imaging Services

“This was absolutely a great experience for me. Liberty Search Associates invested a lot of time and energy in finding me the perfect job. My desires were very specific and they did not fail to deliver. Because of them, I not only have the job of my dreams but it’s located exactly where I wanted to live. I could not be happier with the results. Thanks Liberty!”
– Administrator, ASC

“Dan was very knowledgeable of the hospital system and culture, and freely shared information with me. He was timely in setting up interviews and providing feedback. He represented my interests well, and helped to secure my offer. I would recommend Dan and Liberty Search Associates to any of my colleagues!”
– Director, Neurology Department